Life beyond borders-live without limits.

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The sight of a place he called home since birth fades in the distance. He trembles. It is a complete paradox since his pounding heart sinks out of both fear and excitement as he crosses the border into a new country and a world of the unknown. Everything including his name immediately changes and he becomes a foreigner and a refugee. An unjustified stigma follows him. Life is never the same. He is treated like an outcast, feels unwelcome, prejudiced and constantly sidelined. He is labelled and branded, “the first suspect”. He longs for a world free of stereotypes and xenophobia. He wonders and gets lost in thought . With his passport safely stuck deep in the pocket, his spirit agically writes letters, his soul sings songs and lullabies, his heart recites poetry and his inner being paints a mosaic portraying the trials and tribulations of a son away from home. The world of genuine brotherhood, humanity, love and tolerance across different nationalities and various cultures remain a far-fetched dream.

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